The light of the full moon

The light of the moon is peculiar as it provides a clear view of your surroundings, but is still considered to be darkness. It’s like a dream world and a nocturnal optometrist has flipped a lens and asked “better?” The world looks completely strange as if your eyes are automatically adjusted to the dark

Every little sound

In the dark of night, the quiet can be overwhelming. Hearing is amplified as there is no background noise to distract you. The shifting of a branch by the wind or the crunch of a dry leaf on the ground by a footstep are all blaring and obvious. The sounds you can’t explain are the scariest because they could be something you never expected and yet can’t see.

Solstice night – longest night of the year

The Winter Solstice marks the time in the Northern hemisphere when the Earth’s poles are at the maximum tilt away from the Sun. This date marks the shortest day and longest night of the year. Nights will become shorter from this date onward so enjoy the darkness tonight when it is at its most potent and lengthy for the entire year.

Krampus Night

Tonight, December 5th, is Krampus night, the night when the half-goat and half-demon Krampus arrives to punish naughty boys & girls. The punishment ranges from spankings with a switch made of hard reeds to kidnappings in which Krampus stuffs the children in his sack to take them away forever. There are odd shadows in the pic below and almost seem to show Krampus descending on my little town.

Right outside your castle walls

This time of year,the nights are longer than ever. Electricity is humming all through the evening hours to make up for the loss of natural light. Just outside of the glow cast by your house lights, there is a world of darkness consumed with mystery. In all likelihood, there is nothing out there, bu my on your slim chance you are wrong, there’s no way to know what is hiding there in the night.