Long walk home

203BD5CB-E143-448A-A4C4-B98B41CB648E5EF63904-7F4C-42A5-8D45-F764ECC91548475ECC77-65E9-48A1-B1B4-A4313D860EBC6A72DA0B-3C66-41AF-B57A-7EBE25F9BCEDThe darkest parts of the walk home almost always are the loneliest.  People are never around when you wish you had some company.  When someone disappears, there are rarely any witnesses.  Darkness is so powerful it keeps you from reachnig anyone who could possibly help you.


Summer heat underground

New York’s subway stations are a subterranean maze of dank spaces with no relief from the heat when the trains are delayed.  The heat doesn’t even let up at night.  It actually feels like it’s trapped down there with you.

The heat is enough to drive anyone a little crazy.  Imagine what it does to people who are already crazy…people who may just happen to cross paths with you in an empty subway station at night.

Also, when you are in the subway, you are below the level at which bodies are buried, six feet underground.  I’m sure that does something to the mind’s of people who think they see ghosts, too.



Loneliness is a palpable thing.  It can eat away at every part of you.  It gets you to be silent and hear sounds you never heard before and whose origin you can’t explain.  It’s scary to be alone and think of how long it would take for anyone to even find you if something bad happened to you.  Scaring yourself like this is a good thing if it gets you to go out and meet new people.  Always try new things.  Unfinished business is a good motivator to get through bad times.

Deep freeze in January and no quick way to escape

The winter is just starting and already there are nights when the temperature has dropped to zero.  When you live in a spread out area and have to drive to get anywhere, it’s scary to think you are frozen in place because of the weather.  It takes a long time for your car to warm up and be ready to go.  Black ice in the roads slows you down from making a quick retreat from a bad situation.  You could also get snowed in and physically be unable to leave.  Then you couldn’t escape whatever is out there.

Night in the winter

The air is cold as winter approaches.  Everything seems dead as the temperature drops each night.  Sometimes you can get a glimpse of motion or some semblance of life where it seems impossible for it to exist.  Here is an isolated bank of fog or smoke of some kind that came out of nowhere and dissipated just as quickly.