Right outside your castle walls

This time of year,the nights are longer than ever. Electricity is humming all through the evening hours to make up for the loss of natural light. Just outside of the glow cast by your house lights, there is a world of darkness consumed with mystery. In all likelihood, there is nothing out there, bu my on your slim chance you are wrong, there’s no way to know what is hiding there in the night.

Pathway home

The restaurant I like is only doing takeout now. It’s hard to park there but they are so close I can walk. The path is straightforward, but there are no streetlights and I have to rely on motion sensor lights in people’s front yards to guide me so I don’t trip over anything. It’s always unsettling when the motion sensor lights go on before you are in their range.

Light in the darkness

Never forget that, no matter how much darkness surrounds you, there is always light that can pierce through it.  One small beacon of light can be seen in the darkest night.  There may be bad in the world, but there also will always be good.80C3B747-1C48-4BD6-B236-3B64E38B99E4

Mind plays tricks at night

E6DBC6CB-BFB8-42A9-B38D-14D667AAECECTook a late walk yesterday and saw this.  Strange how the landscaping looks like a monster about to attack the house.  The little bit of light only shows a small shard of what is actually there in the dark and sometimes it is more upsetting than reality.


The full moon

What is it about the full moon that entrances people?  Why is it that madness is referred to as lunacy?  The full moon is a beautiful thing and shines over us while we dream.  Is it possible that our dreams become wilder or more tangible with the fullness of the moon cycle?  I believe they do.45184798-2AF4-4DFC-8360-781796D6F596