Wildlife at night

I put up a new night camera to capture wildlife at night to see what is going on in the middle of the night. Below please find three videos the motion sensor camera caught while the world was sleeping.

Deer one wanders into frame
Deer two approaches and looks around to make sure none of deer one’s friends are watching
Deer two behaves rudely under cover of night

Middle of the night stillness

In the dead of night, everything can appear so still and motionless. It is creepy to think that the world is deserted at this time in a state of eternal nothingness m. Any sound is amplified in this quiet time and any signs of life are scarier when they appear where no other life is around to help if things go wrong

Vernal equinox

Today is March 21st, the vernal equinox and the start of spring. It is a time with so many possibilities after a long, grueling winter. Never ever underestimate the power of making positive change on this Earth every day and every night. That old saying is true. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.


The Halloweekend is upon us. Samhain, the Celtic New Years, celebrates the coming dark half of the year, when the days are short and the nights are long. The veil between light and dark is at its thinnest and who knows what mischief will take place.