Incredibly still

The incessant hum of cicadas overrides any other sound in the night air of summer.  People would rather stay inside than go for walk because the air is so  thick with humidity even at night. It’s lonely out there when you take an evening walk.  However , you can never shake the feeling that you are not competely alone.



Alone on the platform

Tonight’s trip home was unexpected.  Everyone on the 7 train seemed to file out of the station quickly and I was completely alone on the platform.


As I was walking down to the LIRR platform that connects to the street, I had a strange feeling that I was being watched. I looked up and saw someone standing and staring in my direction.  There was no one else around and it was uncomfortable because this person did not move.





Walpurgis night activity

Tonight is Walpurgis night and the animals in my neighborhood are acting strangely.

This cat watches the goings-on in the night from a perch on a plank and isn’t afraid of anything.  It was watching and waiting because there was activity just a few feet to the right.

cat 1

cat 2

cat 3

In the same yard, only a few feet away, a raccoon was standing still as a statue.  I noticed the animal and its ears twitched ever so slightly and it let out a rumbling noise which were the only indications it was alive.  To the right of it against the left tree trunk there is some indistinguishable creature that didn’t move at all and didn’t seem like it could be real.  It almost looked like a puppet being controlled by someone else.  And something stirred in the primitive birdfeeder made out of a bucket above the raccoon, but it was most definitely not a bird.  At this point the cat had moved to the area by the chimney, but still kept watch on the yard.

raccoon 1



Crushed evidence

These wire-rimmed glasses were left discarded on the ground right outside of Grand Central station.  A huge amount of force would have been needed to cause this much damage and it’s horrifying to think that the damage could have occurred  when the glasses were on someone’s face.  They had obviously been left there sometime last night as they were not there yesterday.

After the Metro North trains to CT stop running late at night and the 9 to 5ers have taken the subways home, the area outside of the station is surprisingly desolate late at night and the Lexington Avenue exit area is not well lit.

There was no blood or other sign of a struggle and the commuters that swarm the area at all times during the daylight hours were oblivious, but it’s terrifying to think that this piece of evidence is all that is left of someone and no one around even notices.

Night is falling

The nights are getting shorter and the days are getting longer as we get closer to summer.  However, with the warmer weather, it is getting more comfortable to be outside for longer.  Think of that when you are out late one night.  Someone can be out all night just waiting without having to brave the elements.


The Cave of the Devil

La Cueva de Diablo (The Cave of the Devil) is a site in Mazatlan near the performing cliff divers that attracts tourists.  Locals claim it was a place that was used to store fish brought in by boats and that the smell from the site gave it the name.  It has long been out of use for this purpose, but gates with the nickname have been constructed to attract more tourists and to deter people from going inside.  I went there recently to take pics and took one through the gate just to have a record of what was inside.  After I got home, it became clear that there was something in the photograph that I couldn’t explain.  My shadow is in the front of the picture, but there are terrifying shadowy figures in the back of the cave.



cueva inside cave.JPG



Never there during the day

This man was skulking about the neighborhood late last night making discomforting moans and walking in a strange way dragging his feet as he lurched forward.  Even though it was dark, I knew he was someone I had never seen around during the day.  I crossed the street to avoid him, but cannot explain why he is only out at night.

smaller figure.JPG


Waiting for the doors to close

On a cold and rainy night, it is disturbing to be on a train at a station when the doors open and stay open for a long time.   You pray they will close especially if you are alone on the train and wonder if someone dangerous will rush in with trouble on the mind.  The delay can be nerve-wracking if you know you are vulnerable and have no way to protect yourself from someone with a nefarious motive.