Deep freeze in January and no quick way to escape

The winter is just starting and already there are nights when the temperature has dropped to zero.  When you live in a spread out area and have to drive to get anywhere, it’s scary to think you are frozen in place because of the weather.  It takes a long time for your car to warm up and be ready to go.  Black ice in the roads slows you down from making a quick retreat from a bad situation.  You could also get snowed in and physically be unable to leave.  Then you couldn’t escape whatever is out there.

Night in the winter

The air is cold as winter approaches.  Everything seems dead as the temperature drops each night.  Sometimes you can get a glimpse of motion or some semblance of life where it seems impossible for it to exist.  Here is an isolated bank of fog or smoke of some kind that came out of nowhere and dissipated just as quickly.


House on the corner

There’s a solitary house at the end of a long road by the beach.  Trick or treaters know never to go down there for candy.   The windows are covered up with sheets and it is impossible to see in.  That doesn’t seem to stop whoever is in the house from trying to see out, though.



Night strolls

Recently, my life changed drastically.  I lost my job and my apartment and had to move in with relatives in a more rural area outside of the city.  I still look for work every day, but it is incredibly humbling and discouraging.  The only peace I can seem to find is at night walking around the neighborhood.  No one is out on the street except for the crickets.  Most of the homes in the area are just vacation homes and are empty now that the summer season is over.  A few have timer or motion lights that go on when I pass.  Sometimes I wonder if they really are uninhabited or if someone is really in there.