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Walpurgis night activity

Tonight is Walpurgis night and the animals in my neighborhood are acting strangely.

This cat watches the goings-on in the night from a perch on a plank and isn’t afraid of anything.  It was watching and waiting because there was activity just a few feet to the right.

cat 1

cat 2

cat 3

In the same yard, only a few feet away, a raccoon was standing still as a statue.  I noticed the animal and its ears twitched ever so slightly and it let out a rumbling noise which were the only indications it was alive.  To the right of it against the left tree trunk there is some indistinguishable creature that didn’t move at all and didn’t seem like it could be real.  It almost looked like a puppet being controlled by someone else.  And something stirred in the primitive birdfeeder made out of a bucket above the raccoon, but it was most definitely not a bird.  At this point the cat had moved to the area by the chimney, but still kept watch on the yard.

raccoon 1



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