Grand Central Station

It’s a cliche to say that places are “busy as Grand Central Station.”  There are certainly areas that are overcrowded and hectic, but there are also some areas that are sometimes completely isolated and often empty.  There are two separate escalators that travelers must take to get to the subterranean 7 train.  In between these two is a small room where a person must turn around and move to the second escalator.  No one waits in this area and it is usually deserted.  The other day a lone shoe and a brown pile of ash were found in this area.  No other indication as to the whereabouts of the owner was found.image Continue reading

Someone at the door at 2 a.m.

in a hotel room at 2 a.m. someone violently knocks at the door.  It could just be someone drunk who knocked on the wrong door, but it could be something worse.  Do you look through the peephole to see who it is?  It could be someone with a long sharp object ready to shove through the lens into your eye?  Or it could be someone with a gun fitted with a silencer ready to pull the trigger as soon as they see a slight change in the light.  Do you even want to know?

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One thing out of place

All it takes is one thing out of place when you enter a room to know that something is wrong.  When an item is not where you left it or moved somehow is all you need to know that things are not the same and that your peace of mind has been disturbed.  Someone or something has changed what you had felt as normalcy and who knows why.