Motion sensor

It’s a good thing to have motion sensor lights outside of your house.  They are helpful when you get home so you don’t have to struggle with you keys in the dark.  They also are good at scaring away any potential burglars.  Sometimes, however, a breeze moving a tree branch can set them off and give you a false sense of activity in your front or back yard.  However, what are you to think when there is no breeze and no visible sign of anything that could have set them off?  Do you go out to investigate or just wait and hope it was nothing?


motion sensor lights

Just a sliver

They say that a mouse can squeeze through a crack in the wall that is the diameter of a pencil.  What else could crawl though when the size of the crack is even larger.  Could that strange sound in your home actually be coming from something burrowing its way into your home?  Animals are attracted by the warmth inside when the weather turns cold.  You can never seal up every crevice, but make sure you don’t have a space that’s an invitation to scavengers.

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Not a cat

A security system surveillance camera captured this creature skulking around the landscaped area behind an apartment building,  It looks like a cat, but it was actually much too large.  It quickly scurried away, but what it was remains a mystery.

cat like thing