Outdoors when all of nature is dying

Autumn ushers in the coldness of winter.  It is evident all around as more and more leaves fall and trees are barren.  The cold keeps people off of the streets except for regular routines.  Sometimes, you cab find yourself alone in an area around your home with no one around,  A simple walk in the neighborgood to look at foliage can get confusing if so many houses look different with the skeetal remains of their landscape hanging limply and sometimes casting shadows on trhe grounf.   It can still be very beautiful in the daytime, though.

It is when the sun strarts to set, it gets noticeably colder as the nighttime approaches.  Temp-eratures can drop below freezing at night this time of the year.  People are found frozen to death sometimes, if you scan the news.  But this in community, everyone gets safely back to their homes,  It’s troubling when you return to your cozy little house as the sun is gasping it’s last breath of the day, that you see something out of place.  Something no one in your family woud ever do.  Maybe something minor like leaving a gate open that everyone in the family knows must be closed for protection from the various wild animals in this part of the area.  Seeing something like this on your property as the sun dips below the horizon and alll beighbors batten down their hatches against bad weather, you can’t help buy think that the weather is the least of youre concerns right now.  Someone or something is on your proerty and possibly in your house.