That one old house

Every neighborhood has one.  There is always that one dilapidated house that people avoid.  Abandoned and boarded up for years, these houses bring down the area where they are located.  Children try to scare each other by telling stories about how the house is haunted or had some horrendous occurrence there in the past.  They may even dare each other to approach the threshold and knock on the door.  Flyers will pile up by the mailbox and debris will litter the overgrown lawn.  There is one house in my neighborhood just like this and no one ever talks about it.  There has never been any sign of life on the property until recently when lights appeared in the upper bedroom windows late one night.  Who was inside and why they have returned remains a mystery.

Here is the photograph taken late at night when the interior lights were mysteriously turned on and motion was apparent inside the house.

A dark and stormy night

It’s one of those standard horror movies scenes out there tonight with thunder and lightning.  Be careful what you do because disturbances in the atmosphere oftentimes bring out disturbances in the mind.  Someone could be standing outside of your window, oblivious to the whipping rain beating down on them, just waiting to strike.