Out in the snowstorm alone on the street

The blizzard hitting the Northeast at the tail end of the holiday weekend has wreaked havoc on road travel as the snow continues to fall.  Streets are deserted and walking is difficult with 40 mile per hour winds.  When you walk home you realize that you are all alone and would be far from where anyone could hear you scream if someone or something should jump out from the shadows.

A link between this date in 1638 and tonight


Tonight marks the first time a full lunar eclipse has occurred on the night of the Northern Winter solstice in view of North America since December of 1638.  Shortly after 1638 eclipse, the Northeast region of the country saw a concentrated increase in the number of accusations of witchcraft against other citizens.  “Good” churchgoing townsfolk claimed to have seen others engaged in spellcasting and secret nighttime rituals in which these unholy types would commune with the devil in the woods.  Unexplained occurrences, animal slaughter and sounds in the night were blamed on spells cast by practitioners of witchcraft.    Today, this whole period is a sordid point in history in which many innocent lives were lost.  However, there must be some connection between 1638 and today due to this rare historical event.  If dark forces are at work, it seems as if they could travel faster with all of the technology that is readily available in this day and age than they could have 372 years ago.