Something at the base of the stairs

A homeowner heard noises coming from their first floor and was concerned.  The security system did not detect motion on this level, but the owner was sure that something was present in his house.  He set up a camera on a tripod to take photographs at random intervals of the parlor at the base of the stairs.  The first photo confirmed what the security system had read and provided him with some piece of mind.


A second photograph was taken a short while later.  This photograph confirmed the homeowner’s suspicions and filled him with dread.  While itis obvious that someone is present in the photo, the security system did not register any motion in the room.


Changes in season

As the leaves change on the trees and autumn progresses, days get shorter and the nights get colder and more terrifying.  Darkness is palpable and almost seems to encroach on your space as you walk along a path.  A simple night stroll could turn in to something so much worse as anything could be creeping in the dark.