Spellbound felines

These two cats were sitting tensely on their haunches in the middle of the sidewalk.  They didn’t even scatter as I approached.  They were transfixed on a location in the distance, but to the human eye there was nothing in that direction.  A wall of a building was thirty feet in front of them.  Whatever they saw clearly disturbed them as they rose to their feet in a defensive stance and retreated back down to a sitting position several times.  Hopefully whatever it was didn’t see me walking by after I took this picture.

Unusual recycling

This bag was discovered in front of  a neighbor’s house on the morning that residents must place their recycling materials by the curb.  While it is embarrassing to have to leave liquor bottles and beer cans in clear plastic bags for everyone in the neighborhood to see the extent of your drinking problem, the shock of seeing this item would drive anyone to toss a few back.  No one in the area reported seeing anyone suspicious leave this item on the sidewalk the previous night.


Shortly after these pictures were taken, the two vehicles below were seen parked on the street.