The night of April 30th is Walpurgis, a moment in time in which the boundary between our world and the world of the dead is at its weakest.  It is followed by May Day, in which renewal and spring are celebrated.  Walpurgisnacht, as it is sometimes called, is celebrated in many parts of the world.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walpurgisnacht).  A person more in tune to the ways of the spirit world can only guess where any rifts in the line between dimensions might be.  One might be closer than you think.

The gates below protect a construction site along a roadway in Queens where a huge, ever-expanding pothole had opened in the earth along a busy service road.  This hole grew until it was necessary for the city to enclose the entire site with fencing and divert traffic onto sidestreets.  Repair crews worked day and night for a time to fix this mess.  However, the work stopped suddenly and without warning, but the fences remained in place and traffic was still diverted.  No one has been seen working in the past few weeks.  Some of the equipment that the city employees had been using is still sitting on the site.

Beyond the gate above is the deep hole below where the pothole had begun.  The picture below is real and depicts the interior of the worksite which is located in the middle of a New York suburban street.  Who know what the employees might have found here?  Note that a cemetery is a short distance from this intersection.