Isolated and deserted places in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, woods and fields are plentiful.  It could be miles before you reach the next town.

Streetlights only illuminate how alone you really are on the backroads.

Entire towns seem to shut down for the night at a given hour and you can find yourself alone with doors suhttered and people locked away against anything that might be outdoors wth you right now.

The car below was parked in an otherwise-empty parking lot.  There were no signs of the driver or any evidence of a struggle.  Everyone else has appararently made it back to their cars and home safely this night.

Woodside Institute for the Criminally Insane

This institution exists in the middle of a residential community.  Many attempts have been made to close it down and relocate its residents elsewhere.

Unfortunately, today a gate at the rear of the facility appeared to have been left open. There is no word as to whether any of the detainees may have escaped.  This information has not been released to the public to avoid embarrassment.  Please be careful this Halloween as trick-or-treaters may not be as innocent as they look.